Friends’ Riviera

 Flatbread and Wine Bar Menu

Soupe du Jour

Homemade Soup of the Day – $5.95


Friends’Riviera Side Salad

Harvest Salad – $6.95

Salad, cherry tomatoes, apples, walnuts, gorgonzola, red onion. & balsamic vinaigrette


Flatin Latin Calzone – $9.95

House tomato sauce, ground beef, cheese blend, chimichurri sauce

*Brocquel Malbec

Pepperona Calzone – $9.95

Pepporoni, red bell peppers, onion, kalamata olives, cheese blend, house tomato sauce

*Maryhill Sangiovese


Friends’Riviera Flatbreads

Mediterranean Shrimp – $15.95
Garlic aoli, oregano tomatoes, shrimp on a flat bread with balsamic reduction
*Unparalledled Rose’
*Villa Maria

Friends Fromage Flatbread – $12.95
House tomato sauce, olives, onion, cheese blend, basil, fresh garlic, balsalmic reduction
*Pendulum Red
*Ecole 41 Merlot

Thai Tie – $15.95
coconut peanut sauce, chicken, cheese blend, cabbage carrot slaw, lime vinaigrette, green onions, peanuts, cilantro, sriracha drizzle
*Sauvion Vouvray
*Waterbrook Melange

Pesto Shrimp – $15.95
Pesto, shrimp, onion, cheese blend, arugula, lemon vinaigrette, cherry tomatoes, balsamic reduction
*Unparelled Rose’
*J Vineyards Pinot Gris

*Suggested Wine Pairing

 Vegan, Vegetarian, & Gluten-Free options available including vegan cheeses.

Italiana Vera – $14.95
House tomato sauce, mozzarella, groundfennel sausage, kalamata olives,
fresh sage and garlic olive oil drizzle
*Maryhill Sangiovese

Classica – $15.95
House tomato sauce, ground sausage, pepperoni, mozzarella, onion, with fresh basil and garlic olive oil drizzle
*Pendulum Red
*Ecole 41 Merlot

Riviera’s – $15.95
Goat cheese, thyme, sun dried tomato, garlic cream sauce, ground beef,
caramelized onions, cheese blend, balsamic reduction
*Chris Daniel Petit Sirah/Syrah
*Pendulum Cabernet Sauvignon

Chique Chicken – $15.95
Pamesan, white wine garlic cream sauce, chicken, cheese blend, green onions
*Macon Village Chameroy

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